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Meet The Studio Crew


Melissa McGaughey,

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I've grown up drawing in the Erie, PA area. I love stories.

I love to read stories and to tell stories. I'm enamored with spirituality and religion, strong female characters and epic landscapes. Artmaking has always been a big part of my life. Watercolor has taken center stage for the past 5+ years.


Maric McGaughey,
Lab Assistant

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Hi! Hi! Hi!

I provide valuable creative reboots that consist of floor snuggles and belly rubs. I am particularly talented at laying on my Artist's feet to keep them warm while she works. I cry when she doesn't stop at least every 30 minutes for art breaks.


Nox McGaughey,
Studio Cat

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I sleep mostly.

On my Artist's office chair or on her lap. I find that knocking over the red solo cups my Artist keeps her paint water in and tearing up the roll of paper towels on her work table ensures that she cleans the studio regularly. 

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