2021 A Year of Watercolor Art in Review

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

A Year of Watercolor Art in Review

Each year, I'm always crazy hard on myself for not producing enough work. This year, I actually sat down to take a look at what I've created and appreciate the time and effort invested in each work.

From my own personal work to a few really ambitious commissions and to also having the privilege of painting beloved furry family members for friends and acquaintances before the holidays, I've completed a lot of work I'm not only proud of but have been able to learn a lot from.

January 2021

Selkie Painting

February 2021

I finished the illustrations and layout for the children's book "You're a little Monkey" that I had the privilege of partnering with a dear friend on.

I was asked to create a beautiful gift for the fiancé of a friend.

Commission 1 of 2021

March 2021

I had the opportunity to try my hand at conceptualizing, composing, and illustrating three book covers for an old friend.

Commission 2021

April 2021

Commission 2021

May 2021

Commission 2021

June - July 2021

I returned to my favorite tried and true subject matter, women in armor.

Gender non-conforming Lady knight

July 2021

I painted a beloved Aunt's favorite horse. One I grew up riding.

Commission 5 2021

August 2021

I experimented with painting backlit figures. Something I've never tried before.

Faerie Kiss

August 2021

I finally did that painting of our sweet doggo my wife has been asking me to do for her for months.

Maric 2021

September 2021

There was a hot minute where I was super into painting and drawing birds.

Raven 2021

September 2021

Commissions, commissions, commissions from September - December.

Commission 6 2021

October 2021

Commission 7 2021

October 2021

Commission 8 2021

November - December 2021

Commission 9 2021

November - December 2021

Commission 10 2021

Other Milestones

I completed my first short story in March! You can read it here.

The Selkie and Her Knight

I got to speak to some really talented artists and wonderful people in the Love for Local Artist Blog series I started in June this year.