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4 Artists You Should Follow

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

This topic is actually one that I wanted to include in my last post, however, I thought it would make an excellent topic to cover in its very own post.

Plus, getting ready for the holidays has me a tad harried and hurried this year and I haven't had much time to dive very deeply into another topic this week.

Studying other artists' work allows for a certain kind of exploration that you can't experience just within the vacuum of your own self, mind, psyche, whatever. Humans are social and collaborative creatures that do the most growing when they're together and sharing ideas.

In last week's blog, I touched briefly on how studying other artists' work can be a source of inspiration and that's true. It can also be a source of growth. Below you will find one artist who has inspired me to create and to stretch my skills as an artist my whole life, and four who I very recently discovered.

4. James Gurney

James Gurney was probably the very first artist to inspire awe in my heart as a child. When I first picked up Dinotopia at the library when I was about nine, I thought I was looking at pure magic. I still feel nothing but awe when I look at his work.

James uses plein air painting (painting from life) to capture his subjects. He uses existing, or created, real life references to create his work.

What could you paint from life to increase your visual vocabulary?

3. @Rynezion, Fruzsi Pittner on Instagram

@Rynezion on Instagram

This artist's line work, shading, and texture in the brushwork make me look at this artist's pieces with gigantic heart eyes.