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Love for Local Artists: Michelle Ritz, Pyrographic Artist

Michelle Ritz, Pyrographic Artist, Erie PA

Michelle Ritz, Pyrographic Artist

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Michelle practically my whole life. My creative spirit found a kindred creative spirit in her at the age of 8 and we’ve been friends ever since. I’ve always admired Michelle’s work and the absolute joy she finds in exploring new ideas and mediums. Her pyrography work absolutely blows my mind and I was so excited to talk more with her about her artistic journey and what it’s meant for her.

"I’ve been creating art my whole life."

Finding my medium of choice was a journey in and of itself. I first began painting at around age 9. My first painting had lots of room for growth. Now that I’ve had years to practice, I haven’t painted in some time but I do still love it. After a love/hate relationship with baking and decorating cakes, I found an old, beat-up soldering gun in my dad’s garage and a slab of old wood and a lightbulb went off. More than 40 commissions later, my creative juices just keep flowing. I can’t get enough of experimenting with color, different pyrography methods, and improving my skill set! There’s something about that personal bonfire that just fires me up (pun absolutely intended).

You can reach out to Michelle on her Facebook Page, At Your Artistic Service.

What does artmaking mean to you?

"Triple Goddesses" by Pyrographic Artist, Michelle Ritz