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The Selkie and Her Knight Chapter 10

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Rúna clutches Fiadh's hand in her own as they navigate the narrow deer trail to her small hut. Her heart hammers in her chest as her mind unearths old memories. Smile lines. Wrinkled and liver-spotted hands. Blue eyes and white hair.

"I heard a story once," she says. She could feel Fiadh's questioning eyes on her as they enter Rúna's cozy living space.

Rúna immediately sets to restocking her pack with tinder, more dried meat and fruit, cheese, an extra bedroll. She bustles while she talks. Fiadh stands near the door and watches her curiously.

"My great grandmother, I-well, I don't remember much about her, only that she was kind to me. Kinder than the rest. When I was small and felt sad, she'd pull me into her lap and say, 'Little pup, there's a whole world out there. You and me, we belong to the sea.'"

Rúna whirls to face Fiadh again, heart full to bursting, feeling a little wild, a little crazy.

"I didn't understand what it meant at the time. When she passed, I asked my grandmother and she looked scared and then sad and then angry. She told me never to speak of it again. Never to even think of it.

I had felt so shamed for even asking, I didn't. Until...well, until now. I just remembered. I wonder...there are stories, right?"

There was a little crinkle between Fiadh's eyebrows as if she couldn't quite tell where Rúna was going with this. "There are lots of stories. Which sort are you speaking about?"

Rúna squares her shoulders, despite feeling like she was scaling a cliff made of crumbling shale. "Selkie stories. Sea fae who landed never to leave for one reason or another."

Rúna watches Fiadh wince and then swallow. "Yes," she said lowly. "There are lots of those. Most end very sadly."

Rúna softens then.

"I'm sorry. I just- if we could find a way for me to come with you, then things might be...less complicated," she finishes weakly.