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The Selkie and Her Knight Chapter 9

Updated: May 15, 2021

Fiadh felt naked without her seal coat. Stripped of her freedom and her history, bare for the world to see with no way to cover her vulnerability.

But, for the first time in three days, Fiadh felt hope. Her sharp senses had caught Rúna's scent on the breeze an hour before she heard familiar foot steps. Half an hour after that, Rúna's honey voice whispered through the grass and Fiadh could have wept with relief. And even after Rúna's voice had disappeared, Rúna's scent had remained, reminding Fiadh that she was near.

Now as Fiadh sat in the dark, tied to and huddled against a slender silver birch, she listened. A lonely owl called somewhere close to her left. She could hear the rustling of small nocturnal creatures as they scurried about through the organic debris on the forest floor trying to find a meal and not be a meal.

A cacophony of snores, however, disrupted the otherwise peaceful night. The men seemed to finally be soundly asleep. The woman, who was often the first and last on watch, was no where within Fiadh's line of sight.


Then, a new sound perked her interest; those familiar foot steps, softer than usual, as if Rúna was trying to take great care in her approach.

Fiadh smiled. Clumsy, she thought.

There was the press of gentle hands on her wrists for just a moment and then the twine binding her to the tree fell away and Fiadh was on her feet. Without a word, Rúna's hand was in hers tugging her desperately away from camp.

After going just a few feet, Fiadh pulled Rúna to a stop. She opened her mouth to ask if Rúna had it, her coat. Before the words even had the opportunity take shape and exit her mouth, there was a familiar warm weight being draped over her shoulders.

Fiadh's knees nearly buckled as her hands came up to clutch at her seal coat over her shoulders. It gleamed silver in the starlight that filtered through the branches over their heads.

Then Rúna was taking her hand again and they were moving as quickly as they dared through the trees.