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Why I Took a Creative Reboot

Updated: May 15, 2021

If you have been following my blog, I owe you an apology.

April has been a month of nonstop output, though I haven't been able to share much with you just yet. I've been drawing comic pages and working on illustrations. Because these projects have been in motion at the same time, I have somehow still not completed them. (I guess there are only so many hours in a day.) And, because none of them have been completed yet, I started to feel a little bit like this:

And, when I start to feel like this, the quality of my work suffers. Luckily, my sweet wife and I had a vacation planned at the end of the month of April. Prior to going, I had big plans for getting some art work done during vacation. Goals were:

1) Write two blogs for publication in May

2) Finish an illustration

3) Finish painting my next two comic pages.

What did I get done? None of that. Am I disappointed? No, actually.

What I did instead; hit a creative reset button.

I spent my time exploring the beach. Spent lots of quality time with my wife and my puppy-son. Took many, many naps. Painted what I saw. Ate delicious food. Drank great coffee.

All this means is that I feel refreshed and excited to return to my normal work schedule. The projects that I felt burnt out on have regained my interest and I have new ideas that I'm eager to get started on.

Sometimes a creative reboot is crucial. I'm looking forward to sharing with you everything I've been working on in April.

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