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Art by MSRMcGaughey

The Art of Melissa McGaughey


Watercolor Artist, Erie PA

Watercolor Creation Inspiration

Strong women. Nature. Myth and Legend. Spirituality. Epic Adventure.

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WLW Reads

WLW book recommendations and written work penned by Melissa in the studio.




Studio Creations

A portal to Melissa's personal projects, portraiture, pet portraits, and book illustration work.

The Artist

Meet Melissa!


Watercolor painting is a meditative, spiritual, and creative outlet for Erie, PA native Melissa McGaughey (she/her). With a background in art education, religious studies, and a concentration in watercolor and oil painting, her work addresses what it's like to be a woman existing in the patriarchy, transforming the metaphorical armor women strap themselves into every day into actual armor.


As a lesbian-identified woman, WLW themes are evident in her work. She seeks to provide the positive representation for lesbian, bi, pan, and queer identified women and girls that she was lacking as a girl and young woman. Irish and Celtic mythology and folklore are also a big influence on her work. Occasionally, she also makes some pretty rad WLW book recs on her blog as well.


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Whether you're looking for a portrait of a loved one, you and your partner, or a pet, I will create something unique and beautiful for you.

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"Melissa did a fantastic job on a watercolor painting for my boyfriend's dad. It was incredibly detailed and looked just like a photo of the dog I gave her as reference. He loved it! I would recommend Melissa to anyone who needs a commissioned, one-of-a-kind piece of art!"


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