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Love for Local Artists: Sarah Brown, Watercolorist

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Sarah Brown, Watercolor Painter

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Brown for July’s Love for Local Artists feature. Sarah Brown herself is whimsy and gentleness personified. It’s no mystery why these qualities shine through in her soft watercolor illustration work. Sarah’s watercolor paintings reflect the joyful and imaginative way that she views the world.

Sarah Brown Headshot

Read to discover what inspires Sarah to create and how she practices art making as a lifestyle.

What does art making mean to you?

As cliche as it sounds, art means the world to me. I met my husband at an art show that we both had work displayed in. That night, we sat on a curb and talked about how we wanted to live in homes where everything was handmade. I knew that very evening that we’d get married. Now, for almost 19 years, we’ve been working towards that handmade house!

“...Art means the world to me.”

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