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Comic Script Writing for Beginners

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

I'm writing comic scripts. I'm a beginner. I'm totally qualified to write this blog. Amirite? We're learning together.

As I'm finishing up coloring the last couple of pages in the prologue of my visual story/web comic, I'm starting to switch gears and think about writing the script for Chapter 1, so I've dug deep into some resources on the interwebs for answers to some of my questions.

Isn't scripting and thumbnailing the same thing?

No. Not quite. If you are both the writer and the artist of your work, these two processes could be combined. However, if you're a writer working with an artist, the two separate processes take on some clearer qualities.

Scripting is the process of organizing your story in a detailed, understandable manner. This "detailed" and "understandable" can vary based on how much you trust your artist or, if you're the artist, how much you need to work from when creating your thumbnails.

Bones McKay breaks down the difference and emphasizes the importance of scripting in one of his latest videos. My biggest take away is this.

"Scripting is the what you want to say. Thumbnailing is the how you choose to say it. "

Okay, well you say I need to write a script, where do I start?

Haha. Good Question! If you feel like this, you might need to take a moment and go back to the drawing board.

Before you start writing your script you need to know several key things.

1. How do you want your story or episode or chapter to end?

This is the primary question you need to ask yourself and then provide an answer to. Once you have a destination in mind for your characters and your plot, then you can start exploring how to get your characters to that end.