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Episode III: Work, Life Balance

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

So, at the beginning of last week, I had high aspirations for the work I was going to get done on the first chapter of my comic. I was going to finish drawing and do ALL the coloring!

I mean, so what if our 14 week old puppy's obedience classes were starting? And, he had another vet/vaccination appointment? (Meet Maric. Love Maric. I mean, look at his stupid cute face! :)) ).

Maric Pup

And, so what if you have to move all the furniture in all of your rooms upstairs because your super generous wife told you you could turn the master bedroom into your studio room?

Pfft, you've got to paint both your new studio and the room that will be the new bedroom to get ready for new flooring to be put in, too? So what?

New studio: Before and After

New purple bedroom

Oh? You contracted pink eye from when you volunteered at the library last weekend? Big deal. What's that? Oh, you're trying also to have a social life, work full time, and keep a regular gym schedule? Whatever. Bitches get shit done.