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What Does Your Sketchbook Look Like?

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

what does your sketchbook look like?

After being on a brain-break hiatus for the past couple of weeks, I dug into my YouTube subscriptions for some blog-writing inspiration. In the archives there, I rediscovered some of Jake Parker's old sketchbook reviews.

In it, he talks about how sketchbooks provide a snapshot into your inner life; where your head is, what you were really interested in, and when your break-through moments as an artist happen.

Curious about this, I dug out the sketchbooks that I've kept over the past several years to see what I could dig up and glean from where I've been and what I've tried to create over the years.

I tried to remain as honest as I could with the work I shared below because even work that looks like it was struggled with is valid. It means an artist tried something new to grow and that is not only brave, but also what art is all about. Growing.


Breakthroughs: Renaissance Shading

Areas for growth: Stiff/awkward figures and expressions

In 2006 and 2007, I was making it through my freshman year of college. I made a close friend out of a kind and talented music education major that year who introduced me to her music ed friends that graciously accepted me into their circle.

Some snapshots of work from this period of time.

I had just learned about renaissance shading in my drawing 101 class in school so I was prac