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5 AMAZING WLW Fantasy-Fiction Reads

In 2020, I shared several of my favorite WLW books of all time. You can find that here.

However, after I found myself on a new long commute this year for work, I started venturing into the world of audio books, listening while I drive. And, let me tell, you what a life changer!

And, whilst venturing into the widening world of audiobooks, I uncovered several hidden wlw fantasy fiction gems. It's no secret that I love fantasy fiction and retold fairy tales; add a sapphic twist, some well-turned phrases, and some really compelling characters and BAM, an insta-fav.

So far, this year's theme has overwhelmingly included witches. Except one. That one had demon girls in it.

BEWARE: Light spoilers may lie ahead.

1.The Dark Tide, Alicia Jasinska

Classified as YA fantasy, this book was a bit on the darker side compared to what I usually read. That's partially what made it so delightful.

Characters include a hungry tide that can only be kept from devouring the main character's home with a yearly human sacrifice.

A witch queen without a heart who's duty it is to choose the sacrifice at the beginning of each May.