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The Selkie and Her Knight: Chapter 4

Updated: May 15, 2021

A Selkie and Her Knight: Chapter 4

"Why haven't you taken it?"

Fiadh had waited all winter to return to the rocky shore and the small cove where the strange human woman had offered her warmth and shelter. As the hardier spring perennials started to break through the thin crust of melting ice and the ground began to soften with the thaw, she began to return to that place. For days, she found the firepit cold and the rocky cove empty.

Yet, something hooked in her heart and kept tugging her back. It was easy, at first, to dismiss it as curiosity. One uncommonly sunny morning, she perched herself on a rock close to the entrance of the cove. In a desire to feel the sun on her bare skin, she allowed her seal coat to slip off a shoulder. She smelled the human before she heard her, and she heard her before she saw her.

The air was cold as it swept off the water, playfully tossing the dark locks of her hair about her face. Carried with it was the musk of wood smoke, saltiness of sweat, and something a little sweeter. Fiadh recognized the scent immediately, heart quickening in her chest as a smile came unbidden to her lips. The smile broadened when, shortly thereafter, her ears picked up the sound of heavy steps crunching through patches of ice and squelching through mud.

When braided crimson hair burnished gold in the morning sunshine, caught her eye, she felt everything within her still and go quiet. Fiadh watched the woman pick her way toward the cove. She wasn't wearing her metal skin today. She was dressed differently, warm, sword still buckled to her hip, pack and fishing rod attached to her back. But, without her metal skin, she looked smaller somehow. When the human woman finally noticed her presence, she stopped. Mouth opening and closing several times, clearly at a loss for what to say.

Fiadh bit back a laugh, "Well, hello to you, too."

And, when the woman offered her warm clothes, reassuring her sealcoat would be safe, Fiadh, quite inexplicably, believed her.

That first day they spent together was one of the strangest days Fiadh had ever experienced. Which, for curious Fiadh, was really saying something. As she dressed in the warm human clothes offered and she stored her sealcoat in the back of the cove, hidden within a natural crevice, she thought for sure perhaps she had finally lost her mind.

After dressing, she picked her way back to where the woman stood at the entrance of the cove.

The woman looked over her shoulder with a lopsided smile, &